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What can I watch with GROC TV
With the GROC TV app that came with your box, you can enjoy live TV, on-demand movie, and on-demand TV dramas. The app includes over 500+ live US & Canada high-quality mainstream channels. The channels included in the package is essentially the same compared to Cable TV's most premium package. In addition, we included sports pass in the package so you won't miss a single game of the professional basketball and football regular season games. For the on-demand contents, we have included most popular movies and TV dramas. You will be surprised by how large our collection is. In addition, the contents are updated daily so you can enjoy the latest movie and dramas. To sum it up, GROC TV is a combination of traditional TV and online movie streaming provider.  
How do I set up the box?
After receiving the box you will find a power adapter, an HDMI cable and a remote control that come with the box. Follow these steps to finish the set up:
1. Connect the box with an outlet using the power adapter
2. Connect your GROC TV box to your TV using the HDMI cable. Remember to check the HDMI port on your TV so you can tune to the correct channel. (use "source" or "input" key on your TV remote to tune channel)
3. Put 2 AAA batteries into the remote.
4. Connect to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Check the other FAQs for further help on the Internet connection.
5. After connecting to Internet open the GROC TV app and enter the activation code to activate the service. (the activation code is in your order shipment confirmation email)
How to set up Wi-Fi connection
After booting your GROC TV box for the first time go to the setting box and press enter on your remote. A menu should pop up on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the Wifi and it will search for available signals. Find your Wifi name and press enter. Then a screen will pop up asking for your Wifi password. Enter your password with the on-screen keyboard. When you finish entering the password press return to exit keyboard mode. Then move to “connect” and press enter. After a few seconds you should see “Connected” under your Wifi name, then you have successfully connected to your Wifi and ready to go. If the connection was not successful try re-entering your password as you may have mistyped your password.
How to set up Ethernet connection?
Before booting up your GROC TV device, connect your Ethernet cable to the back of your box. After your device is booted up it should automatically be connected to Internet. To check your connection, you can go to setting and click on Ethernet to see the connection status. 
How to activate GROC TV service?
After your GROC TV is set up correctly with Internet connection, click on the GROC TV app. You will be asked to enter your activation code. This code has been sent to you on your order confirmation email. Please refer to that email for more instructions.
What should I do if I have problem with internet connection?
We recommend 10+ Mbps Internet for our device. There are many factors that will reduce your Internet speed.

If you have been using the device without issue for a while and encounter a sudden slow down of speed, it is most likely that your Internet is encountering a problem. In this case, you should try to unplug your modem, router and GROC TV for 15-20 seconds. Then plug these devices back in. In most cases, this should solve the problem. If the problem still exists contact your Internet provider to see if there are area outages.

If you experience slow Wifi connection after your initial set up, it is most likely because of weak Wifi signal. To strengthen your Wifi signal you will need additional devices or upgrade your modem. Two devices you may consider for better signals are Powerline and Wifi Signal Extender.
What should I do if I have problem with display?
If you are not getting any image on your TV please follow these steps
  1. Make sure your device is turned on by checking if the light on the front of the box blue.
  2. Check if your HDMI is firmly plugged in on both the TV side and the GROC TV side
  3. Use the source or input button on your TV remote to change input sources and make sure you are showing the correct video source. Check every HDMI input source.
  4. If your still do not get any image test your HDMI cable on another device to see if the cable is working properly
  5. If you tried all the above steps and still encounter the problem, please contact our customer support email for further assistance
If your video is not stable with fuzzy or weird color or flickering
  1. Unplug your power from your GROC TV and double check if the HDMI cable is firmly connected on both side then plug the power back in
  2. If the problem persists, try connecting your GROC TV to a different HDMI port.
  3. If the problem persists, try change a HDMI cable
  4. If you tried all the above steps and still encounter the problem, please contact our customer support email for further assistance
What should I do if I have problem with power?
If the unit does not turn on

Check if your plug has power by connecting other devices. If the plug is working properly it is most likely that you need a replacement power supply. If you are still under warranty contact our customer support email for replacement power supply. Or you can order one from our accessories page.

If the device has light but does not display on TV

If the light on the front of your TV is red, press the power button on your TV remote if the lights turn blue but still do not have image please refer to the help page for display
When should I factory reset?
Factory reset is your last resort if all the support help did not fix your problem. Factory reset will wipe out any data or cookie saved on your GROC TV, please make sure you back up all your important files. After your factory reset you will need to reactivate your GROC TV app. Please contact our customer support email for reactivation.
How does the Warranty work?
Every GROC TV BOX comes with 1-year warranty, so you can have peace in mind when making the purchase. If the box malfunction or fail to perform under warranty, you will receive a replacement box from us. If any accessories fail to perform under warranty, we will send you replacement accessories. 

Steps to take if something goes wrong with your Product

1. Check our troubleshooting section on our support page to see if any steps there resolves the problem.
2. If the problem persists, contact our customer service for further help on the problem and warranty information.
What does the warranty cover?
The Warranty covers all functional aspects of the GROC TV BOX under normal use. Only original, unaltered and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by the Warranty.
What does the Warranty not cover?
Any problem caused by abuse, misuse, exposure to excessive heat, liquids, sand or other contaminants or an act of God, such as but not limited to flood, drought, earthquake or any other natural disaster is not covered. The Warranty does not cover the replacement of lost or stolen Products.